GL Air purifier

LKR 99,950.00

GL AIR PURIFIER is 7-stage air purification system that removes airborne particulates, allergen, viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds, bad odour, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). it uses a HEPA filter as its main base which is complemented with an additional 6 more stages to provide your home or office with clean and safe air every day, the built in PM 2.5 sensor indicator displays the real time quality of the air.

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Stage 1: Aluminium Filter -Filters dust particles more than 5 microns

Stage 2: Cold Touch of Coal Filter - Absorbs and decomposes Formaldehyde, Benzene and TVOC.

Stage 3: Honeycomb activated carbon- Rapidly absorbs odor, decomposing formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and secondhand smoking.

Stage 4: Sterilizing filter - Eliminates floating dust particles, acrid and microorganisms.

Stage 5: HEPA Filter - Eliminates mold, dust, allergens and viruses.

Stage 6: Ultraviolet Sterilization - Further eliminates Viruses and Bacteria

Stage 7: Anion release - Improves air quality with multiple health care functions

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GL 5.1 Multimedia System

LKR 65,400.00

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පාරිභෝගික ආකර්ශණය සහිත නිශ්පාදන​

HomePure 9-Stage Filter Cartridge

LKR 32,370.00 LKR 29,250.00

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